Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dirt For Dessert

It rained all day yesterday. The dogs got very excited today when they saw the sunshine. They needed a good run and they got several. The pups run in a pack with a different leader each time. Bailey spends most of her time outside following the trails of rabbits and squirrels, but today she joined in the run. Some of them carry toys as they run.

They love to run through my gardens. We put wire fencing around the rock garden to give it a chance at survival. Then they started running through the butterfly garden. They started breaking the butterfly bushes, so I put fencing around the larger one. Then the pink coneflowers started to bloom and the crazy dogs started snapping the heads off the flowers as quickly as they opened. I stretched the fencing around them, too.

These coneflowers appeared to be safe from the marauding dog pack, but this afternoon Norma Jean stood on her back legs and stretched to grab the one below. She snapped the head off , ripped the petals off and left it at the door for me.

The smaller butterfly bush has started to flower. I think they're late this year. So far I haven't seen any butterflies on it.
I'll probably have to find some more fencing to protect this bush, too.

For dinner tonight the pups had Boo's Stew on their dog food. It's their favorite, especially Noah. He cleans his bowl, checks Sky's bowl, then begs for more. The big dogs had cold spaghetti on their dinner. Yum. They all really like it.

After dinner, when everyone was outside playing, Tsar scratched at a patch of dirt in the yard, then he started licking at it. He does this a lot, even though I discourage it. He's taught Fudge to do it, too. Now, several of the pups eat dirt, too, but they pull the grass up by the roots to get at the dirt. We have too many bare spots in the yard already.

Samba, Tess and Norma Jean like to scratch at the grass, then roll in it. We have a pretty steep hill in the yard, so when they start rolling, they sometimes end up at the bottom of the hill.

It was sunny, but it was very hot and after a good hard run everyone wanted to get back inside with the air conditioning.

Sky and Noah waiting at the back door.

Norma Jean wants to cool off, too.

Tess waiting for her cookie.

Monty doesn't run much anymore, but he watches the pups chase each other.

Samba get right in the middle of the pack. She's always loved to run and sometimes will race at top speed from one side of the yard to the other all by herself. She has to get that energy out.

I didn't run today. I watched the dogs and thought about my next projects. I found this lovely yarn. The colors are so soft and pretty. The yarn is a chenille , so it's really soft, too. I didn't have a specific project in mind, I just liked the colors, so I'm trying to decide what to make with it.

I've gotten behind on my Christmas projects, so I have to get them going soon. If only the house would clean itself. Housework seems like such a waste of time. Sure, it looks nice for about 24 hours, then it all needs to be done all over again. There are so many better ways to spend time, reading books, listening to music, visiting museums, watching old movies, knitting or doing embroidery, sewing, chatting with friends or playing with dogs. I'll never win an award for my housekeeping, but someday I may put a title on one of my dogs or enter some needlework at the Faire. That seems much more important.

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