Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's raining again. The grass doesn't get dry enough to mow between torrential rains and is almost a foot high in places. Rob got a chance to trim a little this afternoon, before the rain began, but it was to hot and humid to spend much time on it. The dogs, of course, do their part by grazing whenever they get the chance. I try to discourage grazing since it's often followed by green vomit, and I don't do well with vomit.

Here is a very wet Samba. It was raining during their dinner and they all ran outside afterwards but none stayed out very long. Even Tsar came in by himself.

We worked on our homework today. Lola is doing good 'sits' and 'downs' on command. She's really getting it and we'll start moving on to 'stay' tomorrow.

Bailey is doing consistent 'sits' and today I pushed her into 'down'. It didn't take much effort and she's lowering herself almost into position. By tomorrow she'll probably have it.

Sky was tough. He's known 'sit' for quite a while so today we tried 'down'. It took both Rob and me pushing together to get him into position. He is very strong. After a couple pushes, he was going down easier, though we still have to push lightly. He'll probably get it by tomorrow, too.

Noah was confused. We are just starting 'sit' with him. After a few tries, he was starting to do it, but he needs at least another day on 'sit'.

Tess, as usual, was distracted. She's been doing good 'sits' with Norma Jean, but it looks like she's just following Norma Jean and doesn't really connect the word with the action. It'll take another day on 'sit' for her and I need to keep her alone for the lesson.

Then there is Norma Jean. We don't call her the Jumping Bean for nothing. She jumps, spins, rolls over, licks my hands, is always in motion. She does 'sit' but it's really fast, sort of grazing the floor with her butt and back up again. Today with both Rob and I working together, we got her to sit for maybe 5 seconds and pushed her into a 'down'. She was easy to push down, she loves to be handled. She hasn't got it yet, but I don't think it'll be too long before she catches on.

I had a call today reporting that Grace not only loves swimming and riding in the boat, but today she dove off the dock by herself. Rob and I are going to try to go visit her this week and see her swim. I can't wait.

Morgan has her e-collar off. Her tail is healed and she's been leaving it alone. I couldn't stand to see her in that plastic collar any longer and so far she's been doing well without it. She does have an unusual hairdo due to the collar rubbing on her head and neck. She looks kind of punk. We're working our way through the mats a little at a time so as not to hurt her too much. I guess she and Fudge are both due for summer haircuts.

Since it's too wet to photograph any outside plants, I'll just do the inside ones.

This cactus is supposed to grow straight up, but has taken off in all directions. It makes it very hard to handle. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with it.

My friends, knowing my love of dogs, send me pictures of cute or funny dogs. Here is one that makes me laugh every time I see it. The caption was 'Cat? What cat?'

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