Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Toys 4 Dogs

Monday it rained all day. I'm not complaining because we've had severe droughts every year since we moved here and we can use the rain. The dogs, on the other hand, are not happy about all this rain. Even the Water Dogs are tired of always going out in the rain and the resulting mud. It always smells like wet dog around here and the 48 muddy paws are more than I can keep up with. The new steam carpet cleaner has been getting a workout.

We have been trying to fight rainy day boredom by working on our homework for class. Fudge is doing good sits and downs even though he complains every time. I'm getting used to his grumbling.

Lola has finally learned 'sit'. Tess has also learned it. They seem to learn a lot by watching each other. Bailey will sit if I touch her back with one finger, but still won't do it on her own. Sky and Norma Jean have been sitting for some time. I haven't started Noah yet because he hasn't been feelin
g well this week, the end of the raging poops. Tonight we start 'down' with the pups.

Since everyone see
med a little blue this morning we made a trip to the discount store and picked up twelve new toys. Since the average life of a stuffed toy is 24 hours or less, I don't mind so much if the toy only costs two dollars.

We found a Husky for Tsar.

Aren't these cute?

The pups got identical toys so there would be no arguments.

Monty chose the Dodo Bird. No comment.

Samba chose the Flamingo.

Fudge got a Mr. Grumpy exactly like the one Monty has. He's been trying to steal Monty's all week.

Lucy has a pink Loofa Dog.

Tsar liked his Husky.

Morgan chose a sheep that quacks like a duck. I guess that's why it was at the discount store.

The dogs all love to get presents, so this is turning into a good day, afterall.

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