Friday, June 27, 2008

Doing What Water Dogs Do

Today we went to visit Splash and Grace. We planned to go to the lake even though the weather looked threatening. We took Morgan with us.

Splash and Grace led us to the boat dock in their golf cart. We followed in our car.

Morgan has never been on a boat and we weren't sure how she would handle it. She's prone to panic attacks but once she managed the big jump onto the deck she seemed to enjoy the ride. She did stick close to Rob.

Grace and Splash were very excited about our adventure. They go boating often, but were pretty happy to have us along.

Splash was the lookout.

Morgan relaxed and decided she liked boating. It's kind of like sticking your whole body out the window of the car.

Splash says we're almost there.

Grace had to share the news that we were almost there with her guests.

This is what Water Dogs were born to do.

Come on in, Morgan. The water's great.

Sexism exists in the dog world. Grace swims out to get the float and brings it halfway back, then Splash takes it from her and brings it to be thrown again. The female does twice the work for half the credit.

J says that Grace took to the water very naturally. She doesn't seem to tire from swimming out to retrieve her float. She gets really excited as soon as she knows she's going swimming.

She has started to dive, but chose not to today. She's still just a bit nervous about it. She definitely wants to and I'm sure she'll be doing it soon just as eagerly as Splash does.

The solution seemed to be two floats.

Splash makes it look easy.

Time to come aboard and dry off.

Grace has a good shake.

It's time to go.

We were surprised that Morgan went in the water. We were not thrilled that she decided to roll on the beach when she came out. A bath is in the near future. She did great for the first time out.

Grace hates to leave.

Splash dries off in his own way while Grace stands watch.

That was a great trip. The storm held off and the day turned hot and sunny, perfect boating weather. Everyone had a good time, humans and canines.

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