Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

We finally attempted a photo shoot for this year's Christmas card. I had this great idea of dressing some of the dogs in their winter finery and having them all sit together on the couch. Great idea, isn't it?

The dogs needless to say didn't grasp the concept I was going for. Here are the results of the first try.

First Morgan in her ski sweater got on the couch. She thought she was supposed to take a nap.

She rolled over and tried to get comfy.

This is what the well dressed couple will be wearing this winter.

Samba decided she didn't want to sit up next to Fudge.

Samba, Fudge and Morgan all have a pretty reliable 'stay', so I put them in position first. Morgan looks like she wants to escape.

Now it looks like Morgan and Samba are trying to slide off the sofa.

Fudge decided to stretch out. Now they all look ready to bolt.

Fudge made his escape before I could get Sky in with the group.

Sky doesn't get on the furniture, so he was getting upset when I tried to put him with the others. So we'll try getting them together on the floor.

Every time I'd get them in position Sky would walk toward me.

Now where did Fudge go?

This could have been pretty good if Sky hadn't turned his head just as the camera snapped.

Mass confusion.

Back to the sofa, but nobody wants to sit up anymore.

This dress up idea isn't working out too well. Maybe we'll try something else for our cards. Stay tuned.


LizzieJane said...

This is so cute, sweet and funny! How wonderfully festive they all look. I am so envious of you with all your wonderful little ones around you all the time, I bet there is never a dull moment in your house.
Have a wonderful day!

Marjie said...

Well, you sorta had to know they'd have their own minds about who was willing to do what and when! It was a great try, and I admire you for making such an effort at dressing them up for a picture!

SissySees said...

I had an idea that didn't come to pass for this year's card. Hopefully, Gretchen will be close enough to full-grown for me to make it happen ahead of time for next year's card...

Thanks for sharing the "out-takes" with us.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, so darn cute!!
Stuffed dogs sit still, but the cute ones with personality are far too busy to cooperate, ya know? LOL
They're all adorable!!

Unknown said...

Oh I love the way they look on the floor. Why is there only 4 though? I know you have more than that. g

Unknown said...

What are the rules? ... don't work with animals or children ;-) They are just so utterly adorable!!

Cat said...

Hi, Sue - this is Cathy (Virginia) - I got my swap package today ... wow, you must really be psychic b/c I really, really needed something nice to happen today. Thank you and my fur-babies woof thank you too!

Paula said...

LOL! Oh I just loved that post! All your furbabies look so sweet in their winter gear.
I especially like the trio that looks like they are howling Christms carols!
Elise loves her sweaters too!
When we put it on her she knows she is going outside and gets all excited!

P.S. I wa wondering if it is okay with you if we can do a doggie spotlight on the water dogs for Dogs on Thursday?