Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus

Are you sick of puppy pictures yet? Well, here are some more.

The pups were born in 2006 and have recently celebrated their second birthdays. We had originally planned to keep four of them, but kept six. They all have very different personalities and it made it hard to choose.

At Christmas 2006 I wanted pictures of the pups with Santa, but they were too young to take out to any of the places that take those cute pictures. If you can't take the pups to Santa, then you bring Santa to the pups.

This is Sky checking out Santa.He was one of the more independent and adventurous of the pups. He didn't seem at all afraid.

Here is Gracie. Like most of the pups , she wouldn't look at him at first.

Here Gracie decided to make friends.

This is Gib. At first he wasn't sure about the situation.

Gib starts to investigate.

This is Bailey. Just like the others she tried not to look.

Bailey decided he wasn't so bad after all.

Noah meets Santa.

Noah still doesn't look too sure about this guy.

Even tough Norma Jean isn't sure she likes this guy.

Maybe he's ok.

Tess thinks Santa's pretty nice.

Lola turns away, too.

Lola thinks his nose looks interesting.

If I were to bring this Santa out today, he would last about thirty seconds with this group. They didn't stay shy very long.


Unknown said...

those are very cute pictures. the first time we took Lucy to see Santa, she refused to look at him and in every photo she was walking away. Fun times - g

SissySees said...

The girls get a photo with Santa on Saturday, but I'm lucky; we'll only journey to the firehouse, where someone they know (NOT the Knight) will hopefully get them to cooperate.