Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back To Normal

Things have calmed down around here, as calm as it can get with eleven dogs all wanting attention at the same time. Fudge is no longer in the dog house for misbehaving at the obedience trial. He was just being Fudge.

Although he's three years old, he's still very much a puppy and loves to entertain.To him that means jumping, spinning and rolling over. He was doing his best to amuse that judge on Sunday, but she just didn't understand.

At first I told him his career was over, but after thinking it over I've come to a different conclusion. We have two of the three legs we need for a title and I hate to waste all the work we did to earn them, so we'll go for that third leg. If we try three days a year for the next ten years, surely we'll pass on one of those tries.

I wish I had these pretty curls.


SissySees said...

Yay!!!!! Fudge reminds me of Sissy. It's hard to be full of yourself and remember that not everyone thinks your youthful expressions of self are appropriate...

You'll get that third leg sooner than you think, I bet!

Paula said...

Fudge reminds me of Elise too!
I just love his curly hair and 'easy go lucky' expressions.