Saturday, October 11, 2008

One of Those Days

This has been one of those days. This morning while I had the dogs out in the back yard, Rob left for work. The dogs didn't see him go. When I brought them in, Morgan ran to the office and began scratching at the door. I knew she wanted to see Rob, so I opened the door to show her that he wasn't there. She got frantic and started racing around the room. I called them all upstairs and closed the office door. Morgan refused to come with the rest of the dogs, continued scratching at the door and moaning.

I'd left my juice in the office, so I went back in to get it and when I came out I dragged Morgan upstairs with me. She jumped onto the window seat and started licking the window. After a few minutes of that I pushed her away from the window. She started licking the stereo speaker and kept it up for about twenty minutes, until I thought I'd go nuts from the slurping noise.

I carried her to the couch and laid down next to her. She was panting hard, so I stroked her until she fell asleep. She gets this way whenever she's seperated from Rob. After awhile, I fell asleep next to her. We woke up when the phone rang. It was Rob on his way home.

It was time to get everyone outside again, so we all trooped down the stairs, but when we got to the back door, I was missing a dog. I did a quick head count and Sky was missing. I went back inside calling for him, but no Sky. I opened the office door and there he was wagging his tail and looking so happy to see me. He had gone in when I went to get my juice.

Unfortunately, while he was waiting to be released, he entertained himself by ripping up a roll of paper towels and chewing a plastic waste basket to bits. The pieces of plastic and paper were scattered all over the room.Rob got home just after I got the mess picked up.

We had been invited to a wedding that was to take place this evening at 6. I wasn't sure Rob would be home in time, so yesterday I left the gift with a friend who was going. We did have time afterall, so I fed the dogs early, changed clothes and we left for the wedding. We had directions from the bride but no street address for the church. Rob has a GPS for the car, but with no address we couldn't use it. The instructions looked pretty clear, so we left in plenty of time. Well we drove for an hour and a half and never did find the road the church was on. Finally we gave up and went home.

We've been to several weddings here in the Ozarks and they are so different from the weddings we're used to on the East Coast. I prefer the Eastern weddings.

I did finish a project. This is a cross stitch of a Corgi that will be made into a pillow. The local agility club is having a raffle at their trial and I donated a knit dog sweater and this pillow as prizes.

This disjointed and not very relaxing day was the end of a week filled with anxiety and anger. I'm trying to destress and get my emotions under control, but the wierd behavior of my little buddies is not helping, or maybe they're picking up on my emotions. Anyway, I'll do my Scarlett O'Hara impression, "Fiddle dee dee, tomorrow is another day." There, I feel better already.


Nicki said...

I posted some pictures from the wedding on my blog if you want to see. Sorry you didn't make it-that must have been very annoying!

SissySees said...

Lovely cross stitch! I'm sure the pillow will become a treasure for someone.

Sissy too has meltdowns if the Knight fails to tell her good-bye. Conversely, if I am leaving her with the Knight, she's less stressed if I just slip out. She still runs around crying, looking for me, but at least she doesn't try to break both our necks in her attempt to leave with me!