Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Countdown Begins

This morning I got to sleep in. Rob volunteered to get up and do the feedings this morning. I actually slept till 9 AM. What a luxury. I think he saw how stressed I was last week and decided some sleep might help. After a second dog outing, Rob and I went to breakfast, then off to buy dog food. We didn't actually need dog food yet, but we were sent two coupons worth $25 off and we'll need dog food eventually, so we took advantage of the savings.

Tsar waiting for dinner.

When we got home Fudge and I did a practice for the trial that starts on Friday, THIS FRIDAY!! I keep asking myself why I get involved in these things that cause me so much anxiety. When it's over, I'll feel good about having tried, but I'm nervous heading into it. Fudge is doing pretty well. He enjoys the one on one attention. I'm trying to keep the leash slack and not guide him with it. That's hard for me, so this afternoon I just took the leash off and we walked through the course . He stayed with me and did fine.

Between practices I did some office work, then it was feeding time again. Boy, that sure seems to come around fast.Tonight I think I'll start a new knitting project while I watch TV.

I got my Christmas notebook out this afternoon. I keep lists of what I gave people in prior years and make notes throughout the year. If someone casually mentions that they want something, I make a note of it. If we're out shopping together, I observe what the other person looks at and make a note. When Christmas comes around I have all my notes and it helps in picking a gift. Usually I have my shopping done by now, but I'm running late this year. I have a lot done, but need to sit down with a cup of tea and think about what I still need to buy or make.

Bailey had a short haircut on Friday. She was really carrying around a lot of hair and looks sleek and trim now. The other dogs chase her, so she's hanging close to me until the novelty wears off.

Bailey having dinner.

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SissySees said...

Aren't you a good giver?! I sometimes will pick up a gift earlier in the year if someone mentions something, but perhaps I could keep a notebook...

Good luck to you and Fudge! I'm sure you'll do just fine.