Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Think He's Got It

Just a quick post today with no pictures.

Fudge and I have been practicing for our upcoming rally obedience trial. It's now less than two weeks away. I found that Fudge doesn't do as well with daily practice as he does if we do it every other day. If we do too much of it, he starts goofing off, jumping around and rolling over when I tell him to stay, etc.

My solution has been to practice on my own. A couple nights ago, while all the dogs were in the back yard, I started walking through some of the exercises by myself. I was talking to myself and I didn't realize I was talking out loud. Suddenly, Fudge came running across the yard and got in position beside me and we walked through several exercises. Then he ran off to play again.

The next night I did it again to see what would happen. Again, Fudge saw or heard me and came and joined in. Today, while Rob was outside with us, I did it, with the same results. I think the boy has got the moves. He knows what I want and how to do it. Now the question is, will he perform in public?

One interesting note, Sky came today and did the exercises beside Fudge. Hmm! Maybe we have another obedience candidate in the making.

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SissySees said...

That's really neat! Which reminds me... Today is the day I said I'd start looking for Sissy's next class.