Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Campaign

It's mid October and we find ourselves in the midst of a heated campaign. Promises are flying around and I'm trying to keep things from getting out of control.

When Monty was alive he was our indisputable leader. He lived by a certain set of rules and expected the others to do the same. He was a big strong dog and the one time Tsar challenged him, Tsar wound up on  his back with Monty standing over him.
When Monty suddenly died, there was a scramble to take over the leadership of the pack. Fudge was pretty sure he could coast into the position, but he was no challenge for Samba. After a few days of growling and snapping, Samba claimed the top spot and Fudge was left to pout.
Samba has been a good leader, firm but fair. But now this mystery illness has left her weak and tired. She isn't able to run with the pack in the yard anymore and I keep her and Morgan on one level as much as possible. It looks like her days as pack leader are about over and even if she does recover, I don't think she'll be interested in the politics involved in keeping everyone in line. She deserves to retire.

But that leaves an important position open and we have two determined candidates. Let me introduce them.

First is Fudge.
 He knows he's handsome and smart and a real charmer.
He's not really concerned with how the other dogs feel about this promotion, he feels he's entitled to it because he's been waiting for a long time to be top dog. What can he bring to the office? He's not concerned about that either, he wants to be first fed, first in line to get treats and to be able to take whatever toy he wants away from any other dog.
He'll promise anything and take any position necessary to get the title. Once installed as leader, he'll bully the others into doing his bidding.
Fudge likes the idea of being leader, not necessarily the work that goes along with the title.

Our second candidate is Bailey.
Bailey is a tough little dog. When she was a pup she was smaller than her sisters and was picked on a lot. She learned to fight for what she wanted but she also learned to negotiate. She's a full member of the pack joining in chases and games, but she's happy by herself playing with one of her many stuffy friends.
She's happy to travel with her peeps and is interested in the world around her. She's the most like her mother of all the pups and because of her hunting ability and her group of friends is a well rounded young lady.
The next few weeks should be interesting around here as the pack gets behind their chosen leader. It's my job to make sure that no violence breaks out as they begin their selection process. It's also my job to console the loser, but I don't get a vote. This is one of those times when the dogs have to do the work and I have to respect their choice.

Stay tuned for the election results. Any bets on who wins?


Lapdog Creations said...

Well, now here's an election that I can get into! LOL

My money's on Bailey... just because Lola, Sophie & I think it should be a woman who rules the roost! =)

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Interesting. You never know, maybe one of the others will suddenly be elevated to the spot by the others.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Life with Wrigs said...

I hope you can keep the peace, Sue! I've forgotten how interesting life with a pack can be. How are Samba and Sky doing? Did you get any results from the latest tests you were having run?

Susan and Wrigs

gMarie said...

My question is - will Bailey stand up to Fudge? If yes, then I put my money on Bailey. Abby and Lucy had a go round after Abby's neck surgery - much as Lucy disliked the idea - Abby stayed top dog and she still is. :) g

SissySees said...

Gretchen got nervous just reading along, but of course, Sissy is all about girl-power and is ready to stump for Bailey... as long as Fudge will forgive her by Valentine's Day...

rottrover said...

I really admire your "pack leader" skills. It truly is their decision. Good Sue!!!

Ruby said...

Hmmmm, wells since GIRLS RULE and BOYS DROOL, I'm goin' to root for Bailey! Buts, Fudge sure is a cutie, so now I'm torn....NO, Chicks need to run things. If humans realized this, we wouldn't be in the jam we're in now!



♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Whatever happens, happens. But we sure do hope the illness is on its way out.

We wondered who the pack leader would be here after we lost Dakota. Before Lightning arrived, no one really seemed to care. Phantom is just the fun police guy who yells at the others when they get too rowdy. But no one really seems to care who is boss other than Mom. But Mom and Dad think that at some point Lightning will become the leader - right now he is just having too much fun being Lightning.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Jo's World said...

If I was a member of your pack, I am pretty sure I would want Bailey at the head of things. She sounds like a better choice than Fudge.

But since I am just someone who finds it interesting, I have no vote at all!


The Daily Pip said...

I'm thinking this may be a very tight race! Can I vote twice??

Your pal, Pip

Matilda the Boxer said...

Oooh, the excitement of politics! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

We have an undisputed pack leader in my house -- my kitty brother Scribbles! He gets a turn at the water bowl right after Momma fills in, and Cinderella and I aren't allowed to walk through doorways if he wants to lounge in them. He's kind of a skeery leader.

Marjie said...

I'm thinking Bailey will get the post (and Monkey will make a fine assistant). Fudge is just too much about the fun and charm to work that hard, I think.

Dexter said...

My money is on Bailey. In my experience, girl dogs are much better and taking over the pack. They are so darn bossy!


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

I vote for Bailey, cause she's smaller and a girl just like me and I am definitely the boss, aren't I Rory? Rory? Yes Stellie (sigh), you are. Hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory