Friday, November 21, 2008

We Interrupt This Project

Gaylen has issued a challenge. She has been making dog beds for shelter dogs and has posted a tutorial for the rest of us. Chan has joined in.

For those without a sewing machine or whose sewing skills are rusty, shelter dogs and cats also enjoy knit or crochet blankets that they can nest in.

Here is a dog blanket that I started last night. I usually use seed stitch to give them some extra body and softness. Use any color, a good way to use up those skeins that looked good at the time, but turned out to be ghastly when you got them home. Make any size blanket, dogs come in all sizes. This one is 88 stitches.

Everyone has a shelter somewhere nearby. Pick up a bag of biscuits and drop them off with your finished beds or blankets. It will make the season merry for some animals that have a bleak life.


SissySees said...

I happen to like those colors... ;)

Unknown said...

I like those colors too. You're so right, the beds don't have to be sewn (they're just much quicker that way).

Thank you so much for joining in the challenge. And reminding me that I have some sage green red heart (I know!) that will make fabulously washable dog beds or coats!

You Rock Sue :) g

soulbrush said...

i will definitely join in too, as soon as i finish knitting baby clothes....remind me again about the end of january please sue.