Saturday, August 1, 2009

At The Lake

We've been having a lot of rain lately, but there was a break yesterday and we had promised Morgan a trip to the lake, so we loaded up the dogs and headed north. I had planned to take Lola and Bailey with us, but I really wanted to see how Fudge would like the water, so we took Fudge, Samba and Morgan.

We met J and Splash and Gracie and headed for the boat.

I think it was a little early for Splash. He yawned most of the way to the swimming cove.

Gracie didn't look wide awake, either.

Morgan was enjoying the ride

Samba seemed to know where we were going.

Fudge had never been to the lake and wasn't quite sure what was going on.

I wondered if Samba and Morgan would remember how much they enjoyed swimming the last time. I got my answer pretty quickly. They both hurried into the water with Fudge right behind them.

Morgan was intent on retrieving the frisbee.

Samba and Morgan were busy racing each other for the toy.

We put Fudge on a long lead and Rob swam out with him to show him how. He learned quickly and seemed to enjoy it. he isn't much of a retriever and I couldn't interest him in the toys, but he did swim quite a bit and seemed to enjoy it.

Grace was busy going after her favorite toy and bringing it back to be thown again.

Fudge, my bad boy, wasn't playing nicely with Splash and Grace and had to have a couple time outs on the boat.

Morgan seemed to be getting tired, so we all took a break. The humans had lunch and the dogs had a yogurt snack.

After lunch we all went back into the water. Grace decided to lounge on the float.

Morgan thought it would help her dry faster if she rolled in the mud. She turned an interesting shade of orange and had to be rinsed off. Apparently this felt pretty good because she did it twice.

Splash, Grace and Fudge thought they'd go on a hike down the beach to look for dead fish. They came back when we called them.

Morgan was ready to swim some more.

Samba couldn't stay out of the water. She even went in without me.

This is why he's called Splash. He dove off the side of the boat to get his toy.

The last swim of the day.

It was time to start home.

Samba had a wonderful day. She had some cuddling and a good snack and lots of swimming.

Morgan was tired, but we were all amazed what a tough little dog she is.

Splash had a good day and was ready to leave for home.

Even though Fudge had been scolded for being too rough with the other dogs, he'd had a good time and showed us that he can swim.

On the way home we had three very tired dogs. Samba was asleep in the back of the car and Morgan was sleeping so soundly in the back seat that she didn't even realize that Fudge was using her as a pillow.

In a couple weeks we'll take Lola and Bailey for their turn. So far everyone has enjoyed the water and shown that they're true water dogs.


Marjie said...

Fudge looks like he might be a little sunbleached from the summer sun! I'm glad you got that unseemly orange off poor Morgan. Dyed red just doesn't work on her.

Unknown said...

Morgan was looking a bit like Harry the Dirty Dog - I'm glad she came clean. Our bad boys must have been communicating telepathically. We had an experience the other night and now Beau's lost all out of yard privileges. Stooopid boy dogs :)

Glad you all had fun swimming.

We are going to a small local parade tonight - dogless because there's always too much noise that they don't enjoy. g

bbes tribe said...

That sure looked like fun. We like your jackets. Maybe we should talk to our Mom and see if she can get us one. We haven't been out in a boat - only going in from the shore. It's fun huh????
Ernie & Sasha

Thor and Jack said...

You guys sure had lots of fun swimming and playing at the lake!:)


SissySees said...

Tsk, tsk... Fudge was just a little full of himself, eh? It just warms my heart to see Morgan enjoying the water so.

soulbrush said...

what agreat day, i bet mom ad dad fell into bed when they got home too. would love to have seen them, and actually swum with you or rob ever go in too?

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful day and thank you for those great pic's! I never tire of seeing them in the water.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That pic of Grace on the lounger is just great!!! Glad to see all enjoyed the water. It looks like a great day of fun for all.

Tail wags,the OP Pack

Dianne said...

Morgan makes me laugh. She just wanted a mud bath - just like at a fancy spa!