Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy Weekend Ahead

What does the weekend have in store for us? Well, of course, there will be lots of outings with the dogs even though it's too hot to stay out for long. Noah is getting a bath tonight and Sky needs his bangs trimmed.

The county fair is on. These are some pictures I took from the car yesterday as we drove by. We like to go and walk thru the barns and I like to check out the quilts and knitted items. We also get our once a year fair food, really bad for you sausage sandwiches with onions and peppers and curly fries.

Last year it rained a lot during the fair and we didn't go. This year it's been too hot. We might possibly go this evening after the sun goes down. It'll still be hot but we won't feel like we're cooking.

Rob likes the rides, but I don't. He won't go on them without me. When we were first married that would have made me feel bad and I'd go just to make him happy, but I really hate them so now we skip the rides.

We've had an ongoing project for quite a while that is finally nearing completion. We're turning a bedroom into a library. Rob is doing all the carpentry himself and yesterday he finished up the window seat. Now I need to make cushions for it.

This is the wall as you walk into the room.

This is the opposite wall.

The window seat under construction. The seat is 100 inches long and 24 inches deep with cabinets with sliding doors under the seat.

Here is a closeup of the trim. It goes across the top and down each section.

Both side walls have shelves and there are deep shelves on each side of the window seat.

This wall, after it has another coat of paint will have a table for doing puzzles or other projects. I plan to frame some pictures we've taken on our travels and hang them on this wall. I wanted a dusty rose color on the walls. This bright red is Robert's version of dusty rose. Everyone who saw it liked it and I've gotten used to it.

I found some computer software for cataloging books and we're going to start that and setting up sections for them. Rob wanted to see if they all fit. He didn't think they would. I knew they would. I planned to leave room to buy more books.

I need to decide on fabric for the seat cover and the curtains. We also have a couple of easy chairs waiting to move into the room once the painting is finished.

These are my projects for the weekend, but usually something unexpected comes along and the plans get adjusted.


SissySees said...

I love the wall color and the wood. Is it walnut? My father and Pop were both very skilled hobbyist woodworkers, but that's one skill the Knight doesn't have.

Unknown said...

I love the trim that you are putting in that room. Make sure you add good lighting at the puzzle table. I would love a library.

I like the red as well - have you picked out fabric for the window seat, window coverings and are you recovering the chairs? Oh yea, and the inevitable dog beds that will be in that room. g

Sam said...

I'm not one for rides either, but I do hope you get to go and get your sausage sandwiches. I can't imagine going so many years without it! (It's a favorite at the fairs here, too).

BTW, I went on a tour of Fort Wadsworth last night. The pictures didn't come out well, but I'll e-mail you some of the good ones and let you know what I learned. It was pretty interesting.

soulbrush said...

i absolutely love the colour of that wall. and having a whole room as a library, one of my dreams.

Marjie said...

That library is turning out beautiful. Hope you get weather suitable for the fair.

Tee said...

wow! That's some major project. It's looking great! Am impressed by the carpentry!


Dianne said...

The library looks great! What a good idea. I'm jealous!

Astrid Keel said...

Wow! Those bookshelves are awesome! The trim is so beautiful.

Hope you make it to the fair!

Martha said...

I hate fairs but the food that is so bad for you sounded tempting. The lovely smell of fried onions fills the air at these events.
Loved your idea for a library with wall to wall shelves - how we could be doing with those.
It will be lovely to make cushions for your window seat.
I liked the trim so expect you will be looking for some lovely rich material to match!
I made the covers for our conservatory furniture out of remnant material very cheaply - was so proud of myself although I confess to having a Sewing for Dummies book!!!
Nice weekend projects you are having - how do you find the time as well as the dogs?

Molly the Airedale said...

The library look beautiful and we love the color of the walls!
Mom and dad love the fair too and all of the sinful food that goes with it, especially the humungous sugar donut! They both used to love the rides but now that they're ancient, the rides just give them both headaches!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mad about Craft said...

I am sooooooooo jealous!!! I would love a room like this. Ordinary UK houses are too small to do this.

Enjoy!!!!! Lots!!!!!