Monday, August 3, 2009

The UPS Man Must Love Us

My dogs start barking and racing for the door when the UPS truck is still way down the street. They get excited because the UPS man brings packages to the house that sometimes are for them.

Today there were four boxes. One had a pair of sandals for me, but the other three were for them.

The Kyjen Company sent us a brand new doggy life jacket as they promised. The plastic ring on Noah's jacket broke and when I wrote to them to complain, they said they would send a new jacket. It came today so now everyone can wear a life jacket when we go out on the boat.

Kyjen is a wonderful company to do business with and I highly recommend them. I like their product and their customer service is the best.

The other two packages contained floating toys for playing at the lake.

We got a floating Wubba and three H2O floating toys. Our other H2O frisbee is one of our very favorite toys. Now we'll have enough toys for everyone to be able to swim out and bring back a toy. No more racing to see who gets there first.

It was very hot today, so hot that the dogs didn't really want to play outside. They preferred to lounge in the air conditioning. Tsar was sick today, dragging around and vomited a couple times. I think the heat is bothering him. I'm only taking him out early in the morning and after dark to try to protect him as much as possible. He's a very big, black, hairy dog and can't handle the extreme temperatures. He and I will both be glad when fall temps get here.

Check in at Dogs-N-More and see what Chan's girls like to play with. Be sure to let us know your dog's favorite toys.


soulbrush said...

i do like the colour. they are such lucky lucky guys, hello gang!

Astrid Keel said...

Wow! what fabulous toys! I wish more companies would guarantee the quality of their pet products. :) My Momster is headed over to find something for me!

SissySees said...

Poor Tsar! I hope today is kinder to him (and to you). Our girls love their Wubbas. Gretchen had to play with hers for a few minutes before bedtime last night.

Dianne said...

Nice toys! Lucky doggys!

Unknown said...

I hope Tsar feels better and that it really is just the heat. Poor guy.

your dogs get more packages than most humans I know. Are they actually addressed to the dogs? g

the many Bs said...

those are some great water toys. we especially love the wubba. that's a pawtastic toy!


Marjie said...

I love companies that have such great customer service. Little do they know that with a herd the size of yours, they've got a great customer in you!

Learner Ros said...

My puppy loves her Wubba! And you can always see where they went in the water, in case puppy gets distracted.

silfert said...

Rufus loved to play tug-of-war with rope toys... Hope Tsar is up and around soon!

wally said...

Oh--that's some great stuff! When do you get to try 'em out?

wally t.

ps. I don't like the heat, either.