Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You Notes

We decided today to say thank you for a few things that we appreciate.

First is one I never really gave much thought to until recently. Yesterday it was cold here. Large parts of the country have been really cold this winter, but it only hit us a couple days ago. We were all snug here in the house. Rob and I drank hot chocolate and the dogs all found warm places to curl up and snooze. Before bed I stick their blankets in the dryer for a few minutes to get them warm and toasty. They seem to enjoy them that way.

Anyway, I had to break up this coziness and brave the frigid temps. I ran out of DMC embroidery floss number 3021 and I needed more for the cross stitch I'm working on. Rob and I bundled up and along with Morgan and Noah we headed for Hobby Lobby. The thermometer said it was 14 degrees. Now to the thank you part. I want to thank whoever it was that invented seat warmers in cars. What a great invention! We got in the car and it was cold, but within seconds my seat was warm and I felt comfy all over. Thank you, anonymous person.

My next thank you goes to Nichole. This one is from me and my furry friends. Nic made it possible for all my babies to have new collars for Christmas and not only new collars, but really pretty ones. It's taken me awhile to get organized, but this week I transferred tags and adjusted sizes so they could start wearing them. Boy, switching tags from one collar to another is a killer on nails. Imagine doing ten of them. I finally gave up and had Rob do some.

Fudge got one with Maple leaves. It's in shades of brown, gold and orange and looks great with his coloring.

Fudge says,"Thank you, Nichole."

Samba has the pretty red, yellow and black one. It looks like 'a leader's neckpiece'.

Sky has the blue one with moose on it, because Sky is a moose. Last week he weighed in at 69 pounds making him our biggest dog. He now outweighs Tsar who appears much larger because of all the hair. When I see Sky and Noah together it's hard to believe they're litter mates. Noah only weighs 40 pounds.

Tsar got a new black collar, which no one can see under all the hair, but he seemed excited to get it. It's always sweet to see how happy it makes them to get something new.

I decided not to change Morgan's collar. In her present confused state changes upset her, so we'll just wait and see.

Tess and Bailey each got a butterfly collar and Norma Jean has the ladybug collar. They declined the opportunity to be photographed this morning due to the fact that it's snowing and chasing each other through the snow is much more important than standing still for Mom.

Noah has a new red collar and so does Bailey. Now I can tell Lola and Bailey apart from a distance.

Sky says "Thank you, Nichole. Here's a smile just for you."


SissySees said...

We're in love with Lupine at our house. Pretty collars!

dreameyce said...

Those collars are adorable!! I'd love to see the ladybug one. My daughter loves 'bugs', as she calls ladybugs (As though there are no other bugs ;). The autumn leaves one is very striking too.

For opening up split rings of all sizes, I've found my split ring openers are priceless!

I have a few pair, for my tool drawer in the kitchen, and in my craft supplies. They are smaller (for jewelry), but are still LIFESAVERS for normal-sized split rings. Really worth the $5-8 if you don't loose tools easy! heehee (Loosing tools is the reason I own 2 dremels....)

Lapdog Creations said...

Awww.. you're all welcome! I'm esp smitten with the "thank you" pick of Fudge, so sweet...

I had no idea your biggest was "only" 69 pounds??!! Wow - I thought PWD were bigger. My Moose (Zeus) is about 120 right now, but he's been up to 145...

Nicki said...

we love heated seats too-and dual climate control!

Tobi said...

Those are some sweet collars!

LizzieJane said...

How lovely are they in their new collars, I love the last pic it just makes me giggle to see that smiley little face.

Dianne said...

Awww, they look so stylish in their new duds. Seat warmers...I'm sooo jealous!