Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Have Snow

Oh Boy, do I have happy dogs!! Overnight we had snow and this morning it was a wonderful surprise for the canine members of the family. Rob and I were somewhat less overjoyed. There's a nice thick layer of ice under the snow and we still can't get the car up the hill, even with four wheel drive.

Here they all are racing around the yard together when we first let them out.

Tess and Lola and Noah wanted to play ball, so here I am getting ready to throw the ball. Yes, I'm wearing my garden gloves. I left my winter gloves in my other jacket and didn't want to miss the action. It was too cold to go without gloves, so I grabbed these off the shelf in the garage. They aren't very warm, but they worked to keep my hands dry.

Sky with his ears flapping as he runs.

Samba and Morgan enjoyed the snow as much as the younger dogs.

Trying to point is useless with these dogs. I tried to point out the ball to Samba, but she just comes to check out my finger.

Tsar is so happy. This is the kind of weather he lives for. In the summer he just goes out in the morning and evening. When fall arrives he starts spending more time outside, often playing by himself. When winter arrives he wants to be out all the time. We'll leave him out for an hour at a time as long as I can watch him from the window.

Fudge likes the snow, too.

They all like to stay out until snowballs start to form around the pads of their feet. Then they're ready to come in and thaw out. Everyone finds a warm spot to nap.

Tsar doesn't want to come inside. It's so nice out.

OK, he'll come in, but he's bringing his stick with him.


roy/elisabeth dean said...

Those are the MOST beautiful dogs! Maybe I could stay out in the cold if I had fur coats like THAT!
My pups fuss about going out when it drops below 40 degrees (of course, in Alabama, that is frigid!)
Thank you for checking in on Roy and me. Good luck on the giveaway!
♥ Lilly

Unknown said...

I am so sending a link to your blog to my friend Miss D. She also has a retrieving chow who looks remarkably like your Tsar. She'll love the peeks into your dogs' lives. g

Nicki said...

They look like they had fun. I'm sure mine would have loved if I could stay home and play in the snow with them but I had to work :(

LizzieJane said...

What wonderful pic'c, I love seeing dogs playing in the snow, they all look like they are having heaps of fun. I wonder, was it hard to get them to come back inside again!

SissySees said...

LOVE those photos. I taught Mugsy "left" and "right" (based on his bearings), because he never could get the hand signals I'd used with my lab...

Tsar looks so happy! I'm happy he's happy. Sissy has been wanting to bring sticks in lately too.

Dianne said...

Love those pictures of your babes in the snow. Looks like they are having a grand time!

Tara is doing great, thanks for asking. She got her stitches out on Monday and was treated to a burger on the way home because she was such a good girl! She's a real trooper!

vegasangelbrat said...

LOL Oh you can see they are enjoying Tzar is pretty, I know like Lady they live for the
HOpe your caln enjoy it while you have it!!

Lapdog Creations said...

GREAT pics... I love that your yard is like your own little dog park!