Friday, January 2, 2009

Dogs Just Want To Have Fun

We had Doggy Christmas late this year. Rob and I were both sick at Christmas and having just lost Monty, we weren't ready for the noise and mess. Finally this week we were ready. We started this tradition when we had five dogs and it was fairly orderly, with ten dogs it's anything but orderly.

I fill the toy box with new toys and put the lid on tightly. When we take the lid off, the dogs get to choose their own toys. There are more toys than dogs so there should be no fights.

Here we've just opened the box.

Samba, as our new Alpha Dog gets first choice. Monty always used to get the first pick. Since his death there has been a struggle between Samba and Fudge. Earlier in the week it was over. Samba is now our pack leader.

Everyone starts to move in now.

Sky is crazy about balls. It figures his first choice would be a ball.

Morgan finds two that she likes.

Fudge picks a red teddy bear.

Tess gets into the action.

Noah can't make up his mind.

Sky is back for a second toy.

Bailey takes hers to safety on the couch.

Fudge has to show his to Rob.

There are still toys in the box. That won't last long.

The three girls, Tess, Norma Jean and Lola with their toys.

Noah wants what Morgan has.

Tsar was the first to kill his toy. This little green dog is now awaiting surgery to have it's stuffing replaced.

Bailey is back for more.

Sky is back to his ball.

Morgan now has three.

Sky with his stash.

Tsar gets comfortable with his fancy toy.

Fudge has to show off his toy. It's no fun unless someone admires whatever he has.

Noah settles down with his toy.

Keeping everyone together playing with dog toys isn't all that easy. At one point Bailey, our best counter-surfer went looking for treats in the kitchen. Lola decided to check out the clean laundry folded in the basket. Who knows what she was looking for, but she pulled everything onto the floor. And of course, Norma Jean did a tap dance in the full water bowl, sending water flying all over the kitchen floor.

Now a part of each day is spent picking up stuffing pulled from various toys and gathering up squeakers that have been removed. It's worth it just to see how happy they all are with their new treasures.


Cat said...

Peace to you and yours, from my little pack (5) to yours (10)!

Happy New Year

Unknown said...

I love that! Do they share the toys? Beau carries a toy upstairs every morning. I wish I could teach him to put them away.

Happy New Year - I hope 2009 brings good news. g

Anonymous said...

Our pack currently consists of a budgie that talks, and a bunch of fish that don't. We lost Rufus this time last year; rope toys were his particular favorite. Looks like a good time was had by all!

LizzieJane said...

Oh what fun, I wish I could have been there, thank you for sharing these wonderful photo's, I have to admit I have looked at them more than once already!

soulbrush said...

this is priceless, i see a book in these posts, i really do. what excitement, it flows from the photos...ha ha you really had fun. so glad you are both feeling better. happy hugs to you all. xx

SissySees said...

How cute! My girls (read: Sissy) have killed two Christmas toys already. MIL was smart enough to send one with a velcro belly and replacement squeakers.

Lapdog Creations said...

AWESOME pics!!!!!!! LOVE the toy box filled to the brim! LOVE your pack!