Friday, April 17, 2009

Not White House Dogs

Don't forget to play Footsie with us. Check out yesterday's blog for the details. The prizes are going to be great.

Some of the Bo craziness is starting to drop off. We were getting lots of attention for a few days. It was starting to go to a few curly canine heads around here. I think I have gotten it thru to them that they are not going to visit Bo in the White House and will not be allowed to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom, even if I am currently reading a book about Lincoln.

I'm sure the back door to the White House will not look like this.

Our door is covered with foot prints on the outside and nose prints on the inside.

Rob is checking out the paw prints Norma Jean just left on his clean sweatshirt. I'm thinking of getting one of those toxic materials suits to wear in the yard when we play. No matter how hard we try, someone always forgets and jumps up leaving dirty prints. That probably isn't allowed at the WH either.

Grass is just starting to grow in some areas of the back yard. There are clumps of tall grass in other areas. Mowing is a challenge, with Bailey's holes and trenches, Morgan and Tess's logs that they like to carry around, tennis balls and of course the hill itself.

We used to have the larger sticks piled next to the tree, but in searching for exactly the right one to chew, Tess decided to climb the pile to get a better view. The pile fell over and is now spread around for easier viewing. Bo probably won't be allowed to carry logs around and leave them in the yard.

What can we get into?

Sky is carrying his ball, but Samba wants it. She'll follow him around making weird noises until he finally puts it down and she can steal it.

Morgan is busy peeling the bark off her new stick. She won't put it back near the tree when she's finished. That's my job before Rob mows. I head out with a big bag and pick up large sticks, balls and any inside toys that have gotten past the guard at the door.

After I explained all the restrictions that Bo will have to live with, my pack decided to stay here where a dog can relax and be a dog. Only one camera gets shoved into their faces. They don't have to dress for dinner and if they splash water on the floor, it's ok. Plus there are others to play with.


SissySees said...

I hope Bo is allowed to go to a dog park, or visit someone's farm and romp...

All you need is a disposable Tyvek (don't quote me on the spelling) suit. The Knight keeps a couple on his work truck, complete with boot covers, so he and Neighbor Guy don't get nasty-muddy... We buy them from Ferguson (a plumbing and electrical supply house), and they're not expensive at all.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

What a great life your boys and girls have....lovely to see dogs being allowed to be dogs! I meant to say, my 200th post is fast approaching....around 2 weeks' time....maybe i'll infuriate you with another contest, involving snooters up on your sleep now!
Have a great weekend :D
Slobbers xx

soulbrush said...

who cares about clean shirts, the love is all that's important, and that certainly abounds in all your posts. yup, i am now going to try and fathom out which paw is which, wish me luck...if you don't hear from me by tuesday, i am still trying to work it out! tee hee.

Knitting it Out in an Urban Zoo said...

Your pack is spectacular. So much fun! I do hope the pres and the 1st kids will do some training with Bo so they won't keep showing Bo walking the kids...

gMarie said...

I think you're right. We were just talking about that the other day as we are planning Philly this year and I want to go to DC and see the sights. JB said you won't get to see the President or anything you really want to see at the White House because I'm pretty sure they won't let you near the dog!

I do hope Cousin Bo is allowed to be a dog some of the time. I'm sure the girls are allowed to be kids. g

silfert said...

Ah, paw prints! At our place, it's a lttle boy transferring yogurt from his face to my pantleg.
Hey, love those log pictures!

"That's not affection, he's wiping his nose!" --Family Circus

LizzieJane said...

I think Bo would have so much more fun in your yard. Your doggies always look so happy runnimg around looking for new adventures everyday.