Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holiday Benefits

Don't you love holidays. We Americans celebrate most holidays by eating.

New Year's we eat all sorts of things.

Then in February we get down to it and start the candy holidays. There are several candy holidays that give us permission to break our diets and indulge in eating as much candy as our hearts desire. It would be unAmerican to not indulge. Valentine's Day is a great candy holiday.

St. Patrick's Day isn't much of a candy holiday, but we still eat lots of stuff.

Easter moves around between March and April, but it's another great candy holiday. If you're not into chocolate bunnies and eggs, there are always jelly beans and peeps. Does anyone actually eat peeps?

There are chocolate lambs and chickens and since moving here we're seen chocolate fish and frogs.

Memorial Day is a good eating holiday, since we all start picnic and barbeque season around then. Candy isn't a big deal on Memorial Day.

Flag Day isn't much of an eating holiday. We need to work on that. The Fourth Of July is great for eating, but not so much for candy.

Labor Day is another day that we may or may not have that last barbeque or picnic. It's not a candy holiday, but then come big eating holidays , Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Good eating and not only candy, but pies and cookies.

At our house every holiday, make that every day, is a treat day. Not all treats are created equal, but we still indulge .


SissySees said...

MJ loves peeps and circus peanuts. Ick.

soulbrush said...

ha ha what a cute post, makes me quite hungry, well not for those doggie biscuits anyway!

Unknown said...

Love the pic of the dog bones. My guys would be slobbering on the screen. And I love jelly beans! Love them! and malted milk eggs. Since I have a child born on Flag Day it's an eating holiday at our house. g

LizzieJane said...

Sweet post ... no pun intended! I think I love all those candies, even the dog biscuits look good to me!