Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Almost Forgot !!

I was rushing to get my post finished earlier and I forgot probably the biggest candy holiday of them all, Halloween. It's a holiday when even people who don't eat candy, (there are people who don't eat candy?????) buy candy for those who do. How could I forget?

I like candy, always have. I even have a dog named for candy.

When we got Fudge, we knew we would name him Deerpark's Chocolate Legacy, but we needed something to call him everyday. I made lists of chocolate related names, but none fit him. He just wasn't a Hershey.

Finally, Rob asked me what my favorite candy was. I said chocolate walnut fudge. We both shouted "That's It". He became Fudge.

Those of you who have gotten to know Fudge over the last year know that the name just fits him. He's sweet and nutty.


LizzieJane said...

A perfect name that is for sure, he even looks like fudge!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Gawd, i've been trying to get to your blog all night but working my way through the list of blogs I had yet to visit! (i'm nowhere near done either)
Sorry I drove you nuts with the bunny hunt, you were so close though. (And i'm still up too...aaargh!)
I must say i'm pleased that I didn't make it too easy....and I did enjoy reading the comments with everyone racking their brains, in a sadistic sort of way, hehe! Thanks for playing....and thanks for reminding me that I have a Fudge bar stashed in the cupboard :D
Nighty-night xx

Renna said...

Fudge looks so sweet, I just want to smother his furry face with kisses!

Unknown said...

Yea! I love Fudge's name story. I love seeing the kids at Halloween, but I hate that holiday. Where we dress our kids up and make them do everything we've taught them not to. Got up to strangers and beg for candy! nice. g

SissySees said...

But of course! Sometimes a name just fits. It's funny... Sissy was a compromise; the Knight had named her "Mugsy's Little Sister" and that wasn't about to be her registered name, so he got to use Sissy and I got to register her as my Princess of Joy.

Poor Gretchen. I still love Campbell's Cameo, but she is no Cami, and the Knight hated the name. I loved the idea of Aerial (after the ladder truck), but she's not that either. Gretchen fit perfectly, and she'll always be my Gretchie Greer no matter what kind of rushed, "I just need to get her registered" name I gave her! (But she is a crup. Perhaps even moreso than Mugsy was, the little mess!)

Natalie Rush said...

Candy is just too cute!