Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Selection Process

Every day we each have to make choices and selections. Which earrings shall I wear today? What shall I have for lunch? Which TV show shall we watch?

Dogs have to make selection, too. Does he choose to play with the ball or the stuffed bone? Does she choose to sleep on the window seat or curl up in the dog basket? Does he stay where he was told to sit or get up and follow me across the room?

Here are some of the choices we've dealt with this week.

This is our log pile. The logs used to be piled neatly against the tree until Tess climbed the pile to inspect them more at closer range.

Norma Jean spent a long time checking through the pile to find just the right log to carry across the yard. The ones on the ground didn't pass inspection and she had to take this one off the top of the pile.

There is a lovely nursery near our home and I love to go there. I usually have a general idea what I want before I walk in, but as soon as I see all those beautiful colors, I want one of each.

I have to walk up and down every aisle to see what's available, then go back and start narrowing my choices.

I know from experience that some of these beauties don't do well in our growing conditions.

Still the temptation is there to get a plant that hasn't done well in the past and try again.

The array of color drives me crazy.

This year I tried to think more carefully about where I would plant them and what plants would thrive in those places.

The pups have forced me to cut back on my gardening. They don't respect the plants and I have to put up barricades and I just don't have as much time to devote to gardening now.

Still, the selection process is difficult for me. I want them all.

I chose these daisies for the planters by the front steps.

These purple geraniums will go in the planters on the porch. Decision made.

Fudge has been making selections for me for awhile. He takes his job very seriously. We let him make the selection of the DOT contest winners. here's an example of how he does it.

I write each name on a piece of paper, hold them in my hands and call him over.

After nosing all the papers, he chooses one.

He sits down with the paper in his mouth.

On the command 'give', he spits the paper into my hand. He has done this many times and seems to enjoy it. We always tell him what a good boy he is and I'm sure he feels he's the only one capable of doing this important job.

Don't forget to play 'footsies' with us. There are only a few days left. Scroll down a few posts and match the names to the feet. I'll announce the winners on Monday.


Unknown said...

You forgot a very important choice. Should I be responsible and go to work, or can I crawl back into bed and hide today? How about's what's for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Do I put the dogs out or leave them in?

I really appreciated Fudge's help picking my book winner.

(Hey Fudge - remember I'm the paid president of your fan club - pick me to win the footsie's game. Please!) g

Paula said...

Oh Fudge is so cute, what a great judge! Hehehe, it has been flower and gardening fever here too! I am trying to cut down on the buying but sometimes a flower just jumps in my basket at the greenhouse and I have to bring it home!

soulbrush said...

ha ha i adore the way fudge helps you select...your life is such fun, would love to be a 'fly on the wall'. happy happy DOT my friend.

momsue84 said...

What gorgeous pictures of all the flowers! I, too, had to decide long ago that dogs were more important in my life than my garden. I made that decision with no regrets. And Fudge is an excellent helper. How cute! Good boy!

Dianne said...

Good boy, Fudge, good boy! Not just because he chose my name... :)

SissySees said...

What a pretty post. I need to drag the Knight to our favorite nursery across the mountain, or huff over to the local one...

Marjie said...

I'm trying a square foot garden this year. Now I have hard choices: started plants or heirloom seeds, or some of both? Which plants? Can i really fill 64 spaces, or should I go only for 32? And what about herbs? At least I know Thor won't help me by eating the plants!

Cat said...

Your flowers are just LOVELY!

Lapdog Creations said...

What pretty, pretty pics...

Thanks for your help Fudge!

Kenyetta said...

Thank you Fudge! I love the flowers! I planted some in flower boxes on my porch- my yard belongs to my babies!

Rose said...

Well, the flower choices are great! Beautiful in fact! A little early here for the nurseries to carry much but another week or two and I'll be looking at annuals, and hoping MaggieMae does not disturb the pots. I have perennials along the back fence. Some hollyhocks which were there when my dh and I moved in. Others I've put in... some survived and some did not. I'll have to post when they are in bloom this summer. And btw, good job Fudge! Very intelligent dog!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh my goodness! I came over last night to get to work on your brilliant footsie game and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! Had to leave it and come back today :D I am going to email you my efforts and hope that I get at least a couple right, it's SO hard! Also, trying to work out whether it's a front or back paw...hmmm :o)
Anyway, well done on a great and very frustrating who's competitive?!
Love the flowers too but sadly I don't have green fingers and neither do these hooligans.
Have a great weekend :D
Slobbers xx

Natalie Rush said...

What beautiful pictures of flowers!

Thanks for picking!! Go Fudge!