Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving Mountains

I have three hunters. Morgan, Bailey and Tsar can spend hours hunting. Bailey likes to follow a trail. Tsar will stand perfectly still for hours waiting for the creature to come to him, but Morgan likes to go after her prey.

One morning this week I stepped out the back door to see Bailey with something in her mouth. I called her to me and told her to drop it. She did, but at first I couldn't identify the object. After close examination I realized it was the tail of a lizard.

I don't know what happened to the body of the lizard. Perhaps Morgan or Bailey ate it or hopefully we have a tailless lizard running around the yard.

We have mice, lizards and at least one garden snake living in the rock pile. A few years ago we found a nest of baby rabbits in the rocks and had to barricade them till they were out of the nest. Now the rabbits nest safely outside the fence.

This morning Morgan was sure there was something worth catching in the rocks.

I know it's in there.

This rock is in my way.

I can't quite reach it.

Samba, help me move this rock out of the way.

Fudge, you're big and strong, help me move this rock.

How can I catch anything with this rock in the way?

Oh, none of you are any help. I'll do it myself.

This is a really heavy rock.

I can almost reach the spot. Norma Jean,will you give me some help moving this thing?

Thanks, Norma Jean. Now that the rock is out of the way, let's see what's in here.

I still can't reach it.

I know you're in there.

Now, if I could only move this huge rock.

See, that's where it's hiding.

I'll get it one of these days.

No creatures were harmed in today's hunt. She and Bailey have managed to move a number of very large rocks and Rob and I will have to move them back onto the pile. It's amazing to me how Morgan, as small as she is, can move such large objects.


momsue84 said...

Oh, how adorable to see them all working together. Milo is a digger, too. He loves to bring dead birds to the back door for my approval. Such strong instinct does not go unrewarded. Just never comes in the house. So glad Fudge has a fan club.

SissySees said...

Thank you for a glimpse into Morgan's adventure. If she's so sure it's in there, I am too!!

Unknown said...

I don't know what it is, but I hope she gets it. I wouldn't want those little critters able to getinto my house. I love how she was squatting on the big rock trying to get it. g

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Very cute pics! Fat lot of help the menfolk were...she's persisitant though isn't she?
So do we join Fudge's fanclub? And does Morgan have one?
And is it Monday yet??
Slobbers xx

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Now is it Monday??


Hehe :D

Paula said...

Wow what an awesome dog! Very focused!

Lapdog Creations said...

Oh what fun! Great pics!